Hedonist. Lover. Companion.


I’m Gia… and its so nice to meet you.

Let’s get the first part out of the way- the woman in the photos is the one you will meet when you arrange a date with me. You can peruse my gallery at your leisure, a mixture of professional photos and candid images. I believe in representing myself accurately. Looks wise, I’ve inherited the green doe eyes, high cheekbones and height from my Eastern European background. I am a head turner, a woman who knows how to carry herself. I believe in letting my beauty speak for itself and you won’t find me heavily made up or overtly dressed. I prefer youthful, glowing skin and elegant and simple outfits. Whilst I am tattooed, its easy for me to dress to cover them, if you’d so prefer.

I am an introvert who deeply enjoys company when I’m one on one. I prefer being in a quiet bar, our knees touching and sharing a bottle of good red wine.

I like dinner dates in candle lit restaurants, with soft music and enough space for us to talk about all things proper and…improper, without curious ears hearing. I find the interactions I have incredibly stimulating and engaging. I’m an excellent conversationalist- my interests are varied and vast. For the gentleman more shy or reserved, I am great at drawing you out of your shell. Naturally empathic, I make a great listener and lover. I am eloquent and intelligent, but never a bore. I have a dark, cheeky sense of humour and a dry wit. I form connections with people with ease, and time spent with me will never feel rushed or forced. I see my role as an escort as simply you keeping me comfortable and spoiling me, rather then a cold and sterile transaction.

I am a university student, and am working towards obtaining my post-graduate study in Philosophy. I am an avid reader, a lover of knowledge and a true hedonist who greatly enjoys indulging the senses.

I am down to earth, and just as comfortable in my love of reality television and fantasy novels as I am in my love of high brow. Music, architecture, design, philosophy, politics, cooking, critical theory, art and literature are all interests of mine. I greatly appreciate the arts and spend my down time at galleries, reading or creating myself. I make an excellent companion for those looking for social events- I love the ballet, classical music, art shows and seeing bands play, but I am also just as comfortable curled up with you on the couch, watching a movie or playing Playstation.

I am an extremely sensual woman. Kiss my ears, my neck, run your hands along my back or skim your fingers down my thighs and I’m yours.

I love feeling desired by men, and thrive off the feeling of the slow tease and tensions that build and explode. I’m sexually uninhibited and lose myself in my encounters. Passionate, engaging and hedonistic is how I would describe myself in the bedroom. The rest you’ll have to find out in person. It’s nice to have a little mystery…

I am able to offer whatever experience you desire. I can be a one off special treat, a mistress, a long term lover. You can always be assured that what takes place between us, stays between us. I am discreet and your privacy is paramount to me.

I do not require the men who would like to spend time with me to have anything other then a desire to know me, a desire for me and respect and kindness for me. I do not discriminate on age, gender, race or disability.

I have excellent reviews spanning over my time as an escort, which you can view on the Punter Planet or here.  The length of time in-between my last review and now is due to myself taking a hiatus from escorting in order to focus on my writing and studies. 

To view my services, click here. To make a booking, please click here. Any questions you may have, it may save you some time to read my FAQ here.

 I can’t wait to meet.



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