I’m Gia.


First, and foremost, I am a people person. Luckily for me, I’ve discovered a world where I can combine my extroversion with my sexuality. And thus, Gia James was created.

Since I turned 18, I have starred in local and overseas pornography, worked as an exotic dancer and worked as an escort. At just 25, I feel I possess the wisdom and grace of somebody far older then myself, yet still maintain a youthful energy. 

I am tall- 5”9 to be exact, 5”11 in 6 inch heels. I am a true size 10- I would describe my body as curvaceous and hourglass. I have a full natural 10DD bust, a waist you can wrap your hands around and a pert and juicy ass. I pride myself on my appearance, and you can be sure I will turn heads for all the right reasons. I work out consistently, love beauty treatments and am a woman who knows how to carry herself.

My background is a mixture of Irish and Russian- though unconventional, my looks are striking. I have green smouldering eyes, full sensual lips and luscious long hair. I dress elegantly and simply. I love make up, and beauty- I can cater to looking fresh-faced and dewy, to a smokey eyed sex kitten. 

I am a communicator. I am eloquent, intelligent and the complexity and depth of people intrigues me. I am an entertainer- I am here to take you away to another reality and fulfil your fantasies. I have a dark sense of humour, and have been told I am quite witty and charismatic. I am above all- down to earth and fun.

I am currently undertaking a double degree and therefore feel constantly stimulated and excited by topics of all kinds! The sciences, humanities and sociology are particular fields of interest of mine, as well as gender, psychology and sexuality. I'm a Gemini - so if you like a woman who can hold, maintain and draw you in with engaging conversation, I'm the girl for you! 

My role in your life can vary, but ultimately I am a creature of comfort and habit. The best relationships come from a place of getting to know one another - discover each other's kinks; interests and hidden depths. I am a PSE provider but enjoy playing the role of the mistress or if you get to know me well enough, you'll find under the sex kitten demeanor a warm and loving GFE type who loves to cuddle and chat into the night. I love a quick fling, but if you feel a spark, do call again...and again...and again. It's something I treasure.

When it comes to the bedroom, I cannot deny that my preference is always to explore, push and discover both of our kinks and hidden desires. I am a sensual and sexual woman, who is openly bi-sexual and kinky.

I am able to offer whatever experience you desire. I can be a one off passionate encounter, a ménage a trois for the adventurous couple or we can build a relationship of familiarity and understanding. I cater to all kinds of clients- my only requirement of you is that you are respectful.

I have excellent reviews spanning over my time as an escort, which you can view on the Punter Planet or here.  The length of time in-between my last review and now is due to myself taking a hiatus from escorting in order to focus on my writing and studies. 

To view my services, click here. To make a booking, please click here. Any questions you may have, it may save you some time to read my FAQ here.




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